About Moodle

What is Moodle?  Moodle is an online course management system - like WebCT or Blackboard - used by schools, colleges, and universities to deliver online education.  OSHKI uses Moodle to create web-based course sites to supplement the teaching of courses. 

Moodle allows OSHKI instructors to present a course containing information resources (textual and tabular information, photographs and diagrams, videos, audio recordings, web pages, PDF documents and many others) and student activities such as uploadable assignments, quizzes, user polls, forums and others.  It allows instructors to easily set up effective online learning communities where students can download course resources and interact with learning activities.

As a student, using Moodle will help to develop your computer and Internet skills which are transferrable to the workplace. 


OSHKI uses a heavily customized version of Moodle for First Nations called MoodleFN.  To learn more about MoodleFN visit the project site here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use Moodle?

All you need to run Moodle is an Internet connected computer.  Moodle can run on either Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers.

How do I access Moodle?

You can access Moodle at home, at work, or anywhere there is an Internet connection:

Step 1: Accessing Moodle

  • Open your web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or other.
  • Type in the following at the address bar: http://moodle.oshki.ca/login
  • Press Enter.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the OSHKI website http://www.oshki.ca and click on ‘Moodle’ at the top of the page.



Step 2: Username and Password

  • A Login screen will be displayed (see figure below).
  • Type‐in your username in the ‘Username’ box. Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your full last name (e.g., Jane Doe -> username = jdoe).
  • Type‐in your password in the ‘Password’ box. Your password is a 5‐character word followed by a 4‐digit PIN (e.g., Password = hello1234).
  • If you forgot your username or password please contact OSHKI.
  • Click the ‘Login’ button.



Step 3: Accessing the program and course

  • You should now see a list of programs and courses listed under the 'Course categories' column (see figure below).
  • Click the course code/name to enter that course site.
  • Note that you must be enrolled in the program in order to enter a course.



Step 4: Navigating the course

You should now see your course site (see figure below).  Every course site has the same layout and function as follows:

  • Breadcrumb bar: click ‘Home’ to return to the course home page
  • Login status: click ‘Logout’ to exit the course
  • Course Menu block: course information posted by course instructors will be listed here
  • My Menu block:
    • my Messenger: click to view messages, any awaiting messages sent to you by others enrolled in this course will be numbered here in parenthesis
    • my Profile: click to view and edit your student profile
    • my Blog: click to view and update your student weblog
    • my Files: click to manage your student files
  • Participants block: click Participants to view a list of all people enrolled in this course
  • Calendar block: click on the month or a specific date to view course event details for that month/day
  • Announcements block: latest course announcements (e.g., cancelled class) posted by the course instructor will be listed here
  • Online Users block: latest participants visiting the course (in the past 5 minutes) will be listed here
  • Shout Box: latest shout outs sent by others enrolled in this course will be listed here
  • Recent Activity block: latest recent activity in the course will be listed here
  • Activities area: latest course assignments and activities will be listed here (weekly or topic format)


I can't login.

If you aren’t able to log in, you may be entering your password incorrectly or simply using the wrong one. The system is case sensitive, so be sure that the CAPS LOCK key is off before trying again.

Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your full last name (e.g., Jane Doe -> jdoe).

Your password is in lower-case letters.

How do I use Moodle?

  • For students

As a student at OSHKI, you will receive hands-on training in the use of Moodle during student Orientation Work or at the start of your program of study.  You will be automatically enrolled in the Introduction to e-Learning course (EL-101).  Using this course the instructor will help guide you through the different types of online assignments and activities that students are expected to learn how to use over the course of their study.  You can also view the Moodle Features Demo course to learn more about the features of Moodle.

  • For instructors

As an instructor at OSHKI, you will receive hands-on training in the use of Moodle during teacher orientation day.  You can also view the Moodle Features Demo course to learn more about the features of Moodle.

Where do I find my Moodle courses?

As soon as you logon, look under the Course categories column for your program's abbreviated name (e.g., Native Early Childhood Education -> NECE).  Your courses for the current semester will be listed under the program name.

Who do I contact for technical support? 

If you have a problem or a question about Moodle, contact the Help Desk.

Is there a student guide for Moodle?

Yes.  You can download the guide by clicking on the following link:

Student Guide to Using Moodle (3 MB PDF)