About Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the web conferencing system used for delivering Oshki classes and tutoring sessions over the Internet when students are off campus in their home communities. It provides a platform for students to interact with their instructors and classmates using an Internet connected computer or Rumie tablet and headset. An Adobe Connect account is created by Contact North when new students are registered and when new instructors are hired.

Your Adobe Connect ID and password will be sent to your Oshki-Wenjack email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get technical support?

Call the Contact North Technical Support line at 1-888-850-4628.

Can I participate from a Contact North Access Centre?

Yes.  It is important that you notify OSHKI that you intend to participate from a Contact North Access Centre.  OSHKI will then book your seating arrangements with Contact North to ensure that you have a workstation available for your use at the designated date(s) and time(s).

What happens if I lose or break my headset?

You are responsible for replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen headset at your own expense.  An inexpensive headset can be purchased at most retail stores for about $20.  If you cannot purchase a headset in your home community OSHKI will charge you for a new unit.  If you suspect your headset is faulty due to workmanship please return it to OSHKI for repair or a replacement unit.

I can't hear my instructor or the audio breaks up.

If you can't hear your instructor:

  • Check that the volume control knob located on your headset's cable length is turned on all the way to the left (max volume). 
  • Test your headphones by plugging the headphone plug into an MP3 player or similar audio device:
    • cell phone or PDA
    • iPod player
    • gaming console
    • television
    • stereo/radio receiver
  • If you cannot hear any audio then most likely the headphones are at fault.
  • Check that the Windows volume control is turned on.  On your computer click the speaker icon located on your Windows taskbar (bottom right-hand corner) to ensure that it is not muted or turned on low.
  • Check that the Windows sound management software is correctly configured.  Some computers monitor the headphone and microphone jacks - when you plug-in a headphone or microphone device into your computer the computer will detect it and will ask you to confirm the correct hardware being used.

If the audio breaks up or buzzes:

  • Check that your microphone is working correctly.  Test it (record yourself) using an MP3 player or similar device:
    • stereo receiver
    • karaoke machine
    • home theatre
  • You might need a 3.5 mm female to 1/4" male headphone adapter to test your headset's microphone on audio equipment:
  • Some laptops or tablets operating on battery power will cause interference on the microphone line resulting in a buzzing sound when trying to speak into the microphone (the listeners will hear it).  Try switching to the laptop's power adapter.  If still unsuccessful, you should try using a desktop computer instead.
  • Highly magnetic devices such as speakers will cause noise/echo on the microphone line (the microphone cable acts as an antenna).  Try moving away from such devices.
  • Check your network status indicator located at the bottom right-hand corner of the Centra interface.  A low indicator will indicate a poor/slow Internet connection resulting in audio breakup. 
  • Switch to text chat if you cannot resolve the issue.